Style that reflects a personal story

Interior design, homey luxury and trends play a major role in the Danish lifestyle. Rather than dictating a particular trend or style, we seek to create a style and design universe that leaves the reader with interior inspiration for themselves to interpret. With a focus on a variety of spaces, styles and functions the reader is free to reflect on relevant topics – and thereby be inspired to create or develop a personal style.

Personal Housing

The expert’s take on the trends

By allowing designers, trend analysts and style experts to share their views, new perspectives, relevance and depth are added to the lifestyle sections. In this article on interior trends, Design and Lifestyle Expert, Mads Arlien-Søborg, shares his views on how to create a living space that is unique and full of character by mixing new trends with personal storytelling. The expert appears as an inspirator and leaves it up to the readers to get creative and explore their own style.