Pushing boundaries for stereotypes

It’s not just another article about cars! The car industry is traditionally considered “a man’s world” but we decided on another perspective. In this article you meet Alex Hirschi, the world’s most successful car-influencer with more than 10 million followers on Instagram. A woman entering male territory, creating a new universe around cars and using new tools and social platforms to tell the stories about cars. A way to break down stereotypes and push the boundaries.

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Media personality with a passion for cars

With Alex Hirschi in front and a super car in the back, the focus in this article was on Alex. Instead of naming and showing off a number of cars, we opened the gate to Supercar Blondie’s universe, where Alex Hirschi presents her love for cars on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. As a digital native and a media personality, she reaches a younger target group and the users who naturally navigate on online platforms.