Culture with life and soul

Art must be experienced – not explained. At IMPACT, ISA Publishing, we cover the biggest, wildest and most ground-breaking works and people in a lively and engaging way – such as when Denmark puts itself on the world map with a brilliant film. The masterpiece The Riders of Justice is a perfect example of how small, quirky, provincial existences with a magical touch (and a megastar like Mads Mikkelsen) can be transformed into international success.


The intimate and rewarding interaction

Film art – and advertising – is fundamentally a question of storytelling and interaction. And about spicing things up by letting opposites meet, as for example in the Danish blockbuster “Freedom’s Riders”, where the international superstar Mads Mikkelsen has a fantastic counterpoint in the young debutante Andrea Gadeberg. By betting on an intimate double portrait instead of the classic star interview, our magazine IMPACT hit the heart of the film, conveying its special dynamics through an unfiltered dialogue that sparkled and revealed new sides of the talents.

Photo from left:

Lars Brygmann, Andrea Gadeberg, Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Nicolas Bro in “The Riders of Justice”